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Empowering Organizations to Achieve

More, Securely and Responsibly

We aim to improve business agility & efficiency while reducing security threats, by building trust and value through our IT methodologies.

  • We custom build our services to achieve your desired business outcomes
  • We identify vulnerabilities and move you to a secure, mature organization
  • Our IT solutions support your company vision and prepare your organization for an evolution to the cloud 


Reduce Security Threats

Delivering a
security platform addressing
the modern organization and worker

Scale & Adapt Easily

Building an infrastructure limited only by your own creativity

Enable Remote Workers

Securing the modern worker for safe access to organizational resources

Secure Business Assets

Establishing data governance policies and processes protecting your most valuable asset

Improve Efficiency

Designing a method to enhance team collaboration




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Cloud services can present a distinct advantage in the modern, rapidly changing, economy. Every business is different, and we understand that what works for one, may not work for others. We will take the aspects that are most important for you and come up with a customized solution that will help your business succeed.  

Cloud has allowed many companies to move into new markets by not just doing things differently but by doing different things. Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector and will continue to be a foundational source for innovation and growth.


 How we help organizations “Achieve More”


We drive innovation and accelerate your company’s growth with our full spectrum of digital analytics and enterprise cloud services


We’ll perform a careful analysis of your business objectives and growth strategy


Applying our deep industry and technical expertise, we will design, implement, and manage your cloud estate to provide fast, attainable results that align with your transformation goals


We’ll continually monitor and optimize your cloud infrastructure to empower your business to stay ahead of the competition


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Total Cloud IT is providing small and medium sized businesses with the opportunity to save thousands on the costs of their IT infrastructure, while at the same time promoting ease of access, IT security, and anywhere mobility. Business owners around the nation have trusted Total Cloud to help shepherd their companies into the new age of IT; the trusted cloud.

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“Total Cloud’s services have allowed me to work remotely with everything I need, all in one place. My productivity has soared and our clients are happy. “

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“The quality and reliability of your desktop services is outstanding. I am amazed by the easy interface and lighting fast speeds.”

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“We trusted Total Cloud IT to handle our IT infrastructure after experiencing outages and delays. I wish we had made the switch sooner.”

—Zara Treharne, Peaks Digital

—Trina Johnson, Tire Pens

—Mike McElroy, Blue Forest Farms

Running a business and staying ahead of the game is hard work. But with Total Cloud IT, you can focus on what you do best and leave the technology and IT to us.