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Companies use GRC programs to improve their business performance and save on costs.  GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) refers to a framework of policies, rules, and procedures that are applied to control the overall direction and performance of an organization. An innovative corporate governance and compliance program forms the foundation for a healthy organization.



If you implement governance and risk management programs, as well as a compliance policy at your organization, both you and your employees will be able to address a number of factors, including cost reduction, process standardization, and a great number of control failures, which are significant when it comes to supervising and regulating enterprise risks.


Not only that, but your company will be able to respond to risk more effectively as a result of these programs. So what is the difference between each element of a GRC program and what can you do to start?
  1. Governance – This involves the combination of procedures approved and implemented by the executives to ensure that all organizational tasks, including managing IT operations, are managed and aligned to back up your organization’s business goals.
  2. Risk Management- This involves predicting and handling risks or opportunities related to your organization’s activities, which could hold back your organization from conveniently attaining its aims in uncertain situations. In the cybersecurity setting, risk management involves implementing an all-inclusive IT risk management methodology included in your organization’s enterprise risk management function.
  3. Compliance- This involves ensuring that your organizational activities adhere to the mandated laws and regulations that affect the systems. Adhering to compliance means using IT controls and auditing those controls to ensure they are functioning as proposed.


The importance of GRC programs in place in your organization can be very beneficial as they can: 

  • Reduce the costs of addressing risks.
  • Eliminate too many negative surprises.
  • Help you achieve greater information quality.
  • Help your organization achieve greater competence to gather information speedily and effectively.
  • Reduce the duplication of activities.
  • Help you achieve greater competence to repeat processes reliably.
  • Translate into a reduced impact on operations.


While there are a number of helpful software selections available to help your organization rationalize its governance, risk management, and compliance operations, GRC goes beyond a set of software tools. Several companies consult with a managed service provider to assist them in building a framework to grow and improve their governance, risk management, and compliance operations.


Let us know if you are interested in learning more about how Total Cloud IT can build a GRC framework for your organization!



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