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The truth is in this hybrid, remote world, most clients don’t realize they need to manage end user identities or aren’t quite sure what it really is. In the simplest terms, identity management is the organizational process of identifying and authorizing individuals access to your organizations’ assets and data and establishing the policies regarding who can access them, at what time and from what location.

A secure identity is not only protected locally on the end users device, but also in the cloud ensuring safe and secure access to organizational assets. One of the biggest challenges with implementing identity management is password management. A recent case study of an organization highlighted how its identity was breached when one of the employees used the same credentials (user name and password) across both their personal and business accounts. Hackers scraped the credentials from the online store website and used those credentials to gain access to the organizations data and assets. They did not strike right away, but did some digging to find the correct employee to target, which in this case was the accountant. These hackers were waiting to learn the accountants’ behavior and when they were ready, they attacked by sending emails on behalf of the employee and used forwarding rules ensuring the receipt of all inbox emails. Eventually these hackers were able to get customers to reenter their billing information into a false portal and steal a large sum of the organizations’ profit. 

So what are the warning signs that your identity might be at risk or is being targeted by hackers?

  • You have insufficient rules in place monitoring your employees credentials used to access company portals and assets
  • You receive an email from upper management in which the sender’s email includes their name, but isn’t their actual email
  • You receive an email offering a gift card if you complete certain tasks or fill out your information in a web form
  • You are not receiving any emails at all, or emails you are expecting to receive

The good news – Total Cloud IT can help your organization have the proper security measures in place to protect your data and assets with our Managed Identity Service. 


  • Enhanced user productivity regardless of location
  • Consistent user state available across any needed number of physical devices
  • Corporate security enforced at the user identity level
  • Persistent, identical results no longer tied to a local network perimeter
  • Simple, secure remote access to protected corporate resources requiring a minimum of user effort and no advanced technical knowledge

Take advantage of our technical resources and see if you are secure!

Reach out to jasmine.whipple@totalcloudit.com to request an assessment and see how our Managed Identity Service can protect your organization!






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