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2020 has been a crazy year with COVID-19 affecting many aspects in the world. Education was one of those factors severely impacting the way students learn and the way teachers educate. As the Fall semester approached, many students questioned how they would continue their education without being able to physically go on campus due to safety precautions associated with the current global pandemic. 

As a student at Utah Valley University, we predominately used Zoom as our educational platform for communicating with teachers and for those attending online courses. With new university requirements for all Fall courses to be conducted virtually, it was announced we would be using a different educational platformMicrosoft Teams. I was nervous to use a platform I was unfamiliar with and wondered how smoothly the features would operate with everything necessary for college courses.  

To my surprise, I was very impressed with the way Microsoft Teams was so easy to use and adapt to for daily school use. I quickly felt it’s functions provided such an efficient and productive learning environment and I now prefer it over the previous platforms Utah Valley University had used.  

What I like most about Teams are the collaboration features.  It is so easy to work with and communicate with my professors, the entire class or even private chat with specific students. This is a great feature to use when working on group projects, not only because of social distancing due to the pandemic, but also when working with students that have different schedules because of work or other activities.

Microsoft teams not only has made the virtual class process easy and user friendly, but also includes features for effortless file sharing and storage. I love that I can co-collaborate on group assignments with my classmates or download class recordings and notes with a click of a button. It really took away the hassel of trying to track down my professor or classmates to find out what I missed if I wasn’t able to attend a class.  

Teams has not only been a key player in the way I work remotely, but has also changed the way I learn and communicate at school. Even when physically attending class becomes an option again, I think I might prefer this new form a virtual learning.  I hope Microsoft Teams is here to stay at Utah Valley University.  



Tiffany Alvidrez

Licensing Representative