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Dear clients,

What a year this has been. A global pandemic, the shuddering of small businesses, acceleration of remote work, crazy election, twitter hack, murder hornets, west coast burning again, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and the fastest development, testing, and rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. This is only to name a few. I truly hope that everyone not only survived but was able to find a way to thrive.

2020 has seen numerous changes within our organization. As we saw the industry changing and end users consuming technology differently, it was a conscious decision made by SoftwareMedia and Royal software to build a sister organization, Total Cloud IT (TCIT) to address those new demands. By now, most of you should have had a conversation with one of our sales representatives about the new organization. The core of TCIT is to provide knowledge, resources and services around security, compliance, and data governance. This has spanned from consulting and building proof of concepts to monitoring and remediating against our core deliverables. TCIT, along with its very seasoned architect and engineering resources, has been tackling some of our client’s greatest needs while uncovering and implementing services that are securing their environments and providing a compliant infrastructure.

Due to the major events that took place in 2020, we have seen a couple of common themes arise that have a direct correlation to the services we are providing. The changing face of work, more specifically remote working, has introduced another level of security concern. As more and more infrastructure moves to the cloud, naturally the attack surface moves from infrastructure to the user’s identity. Secondarily, we saw an increase in companies being required to provide evidence of a defined risk framework in place and reported on regularly. Given the nature of the breadth and depth of this requirement and the contractual risk of non-compliance to revenue, through our involvement with these evaluations, we have seen the requirement for multiple, seasoned resources needed to address the obligations. Looking forward, I do not imagine either of these trends to lessen over the next few years.

What is in store for 2021? Hopefully less political and global upheaval and a return to the new normal. Despite the constant challenges throughout 2020, we are extremely optimistic for this year. We will continue to focus on business outcomes and driving our “continuous improvement’ model both internally (to help us define, refine, and evolve), and externally, as a clear engagement path with you to ensure we are aligned to your most pressing needs. We have been refining our internal processes, procedures, and applications in order to deliver more information to you. We will continue evolving our services as we see the industry changing and will be better defining the value we bring through our relationship. The next step in our evolution is harnessing all the data we are interacting with, providing predictive modeling by helping you define the relationship of structured and unstructured data to assist in business decision making. We will help you identify process areas within your organization to qualify and quantify that data to define or substantiate decisions you are making as an organization. Look for this to be a development area for TCIT in the second half of the year.

I want to thank everyone again for remaining great clients. We could not have evolved as an organization without each one of you supporting us along the way. We hope that our confidence and roadmap will entice you be long term clients of TCIT.

With Gratitude,

 George Phipps

President, Chief Operating Officer