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Quarter 4 Theme – A year in Review: What we have found to be the most impactful to your business!

This has been a year unlike anything I have experienced throughout my lifetime. The challenges we have faced: personal, business, political, have had a profound effect on the landscape in front of us. So much has changed, albeit I would say some for the better. Social distancing has forced us to be more aware of our surroundings. Working from home forced us to reimagine security. And the onslaught of cyber-attacks due to the pandemic energized WFH model contributed to a refocusing on data governance policies. We have clients located throughout the United States with a myriad of other localized threats that put additional pressures on them. The demand from our clients to help them evolve their business in order to compete in this “new way of doing business securely” has skyrocketed. 

Thankfully, total Cloud IT was built from the beginning to address this new economy. Our three tenants: security, data governance and compliance deliver those three, most important elements of a secure organization. Our goal has never been to weigh down an organization with additional infrastructure and tertiary applications that become very cumbersome on the end user. Instead our goal has always been to identify what is most important within your organizations and build a build and set of policies that help to drive the speed of your organization. Our Mission is, and always will be: To Empower our Clients to Achieve More, Securely and Responsibly.  

Therefore, over this next quarter we want to share with you what we mean by Security, Compliance and Data Governance, and large-scale cyber-attacks and breaches, how they happened and what was the eventual effect. We will tie those two together and share with you how identifying and implementing common best practices can help to mitigate the effects of an eventual attack to your organization 


October: Security – The biggest Breach of the year – What was it and how did it effect you 

  • Cyber attackers don’t have to choose their targets anymore. They attack at a worldwide scale, billions of potential targets and pinpointing the highest one to many relationships. Think of Target, Best Buy, etc., and the affects it had on not only business but also our personal accounts. How did it affect you and what could have been put in place to assist in protecting your identity? 

November: Compliance – all companies should have a risk/compliance framework in place to protect financial assets and take advantage of cyber liability insurance 

  • I have run into many companies that say they don’t need to put into place a defined risk framework because they don’t conduct business with any regulated industries. But if your organization is breached, you have responsibilities: Notify all of your clients and identify how you got breached and what you are doing to remediate. This is important because the insurance company is going to require documentation on how you secured your organization and what you did to fix it. The value of putting a framework in place far outweighs the financial risk you could could be facing 

December: Data Governance – How are you protecting sensitive data 

  • We discuss this topic with our clients just about every day. The solution is simple but is usually not followed because it requires a change in data location and employee behavior change. But the loss of control of those sensitive files can have catastrophic effect on the organization. We approach it at the policy level and focus on establishing a best practices approach to solving this challenge. 





George Phipps, 

President, COO